Mawa Pinnie

Ingredients:   Method:

1 cup - urad dal flour
1/2 cup - Khoya
1 cup - ghee
1.5 cup - powdered sugar
3 to 4 tbsp - milk
1 tsp - cardamom powder
1/2 tsp - nutmeg powder
3 tbsp - chopped almonds

  Roast Khoya to a light pink by stirring continuously over low heat. Cool and break in fine crumbs with fingers.

Sift together powdered sugar, cardamom and nutmeg powders.

Heat ghee in a big heavy bottomed vessel. Add flour, stir fry on low heat while constantly stirring. When flour is evenly browned and aromatic, take off fire and spread into a plate, allow to cool.

Add khoya, sugar, cardamom, nutmeg and almonds. Mix very gently, but thoroughly.

Shape into equal ping pong sized balls. Cool completely before storing in airtight boxes.