Methi Parantha

Ingredients:   Method:

2 cups Whole wheat flour
Salt to taste

2 tbsp oil or ghee
1/2 cup Chopped fenugreek leaves methi
Water-as required to make the dough.

Oil to shallow fry


First mix together the wheat flour, salt, ghee/oil and methi (fenugreek) leaves then using warm water make a smooth, soft and pliable dough.


Take a small ping pong ball sized portion and roll it into flat parathas of about 1/2 cm thickness. You can use dry plain flour for dusting to help in rolling.


Put the skillet or tava on heat. After it is hot  put parantha on it. After a while flip it and put some oil on top side. Again flip it and put oil on top side. Cook on both sides until nice brown spots occur.

Repeat for all the dough.


Serve hot.