Festival Recipes

India is a land of Festivals. Every region and every religion has their own festivals as well as common festivals for all. Even the nationwide festivals have acquired local flavors. Here we present some dishes made during festivals in different parts of India.


Holi Special

Holi is a festival of fun, enjoyment and abundance. This day is also celebrated as spring festival as it is time for spring harvest. Holi marks the end of the winter gloom and rejoices in the spring bloom. The joy of Holi spreads to lavish food served. There are a lot of traditional dishes that are relished on Holi Festival making the occasion even more enjoyable.


Gujhia or Gujia Kanji Ke Vade
Thandai Thandai (Alternate Recipe)
Shakalpara Jal Jeera
MalPua Moong Dal Vada

Navratri Special

Some common things to remember while making Navratri vrat bhojan.

  • No onion and garlic are used in the food during nine days

  • No chemical salt but only rock salt is used
    Fresh coriander, green chillies and ginger are used

  • Fruits, nuts, dry fruits, coconut, sugar, makhanna, and milk products like milk, yoghurt, cream and paneer are used

  • Flours used are -- Sighare ka atta, kotu ka atta, rajgiri ka atta, sabudana and arrowroot

  • Oil and ghee are used to cook food

  • Vegetables used are -- Potatoes, sweet potato, arbi (Colocasia) , raw banana, curry patta, lemon, water chestnut, suran (yam), rataloo, and raw papaya

  • Spices used are red chilies, cumin, black Jeera, turmeric, chhoti elaichi, saboot kali Mirch, khus khus and water melon seeds

Sabudana Vada Kachche Kele Ke Kofte
Arbi Laziz Rajasi Aloo
Fruit Raita Kotu Pakoda
Kotu Paratha Vrat Ke Chawal
Sabudana Kheer  

Karwachauth Recipes

Mix Vegetable Curry Aloo Tikki
Aloo Chana Chat Jal Jeera
Methi Paratha Badam Poori
Spicy Mix Dal  

Diwali (Deepawali) Recipes

Kaddu Ki sabzi Veg Makhanwala
Masala Kajoo Dahi Vada
Moong Dal Vada Meetha Khaja
Mawa Pinnie Mal Pua
Meethi Kachauri Badam Doodh
Kachumber Salad Poori

Dussehra Recipes

Motichoor Laddu Lauki Raita
Sevai Payasam Rajbhog